I have a confession…

This site has taken me almost 4 years to build.

It’s been almost 4 years since stepping away from my former agency and partnership. I still do the same stuff (consulting creative, code and campaigns), but it’s been a funky road of twists and turns to finally get to a point where I am finally putting effort into my own site.

Here’s Why.

I’ve been busy.

In years past, I could design (& build) the site without getting distracted. I would often handle the agency brand while my team was working on other projects. Frankly, when I work on my site, now, I’m ignoring my awesome clients. The result, I’ve had to work on my site in small sprints that are weeks apart. When I came back, I’d want something new, so I’d start over, pause, & repeat.

I’ve been a little scared.

I am not an agency anymore, but I hold myself to the standards of my old team, which I hold in high esteem. I want my site to show my best, but with my timing being a challenge (that I just mentioned), I

By most accounts, we were pretty successful, and to split out on my own, I’ve been afraid that I won’t live up to the hype. Screw that; I’m over it. Let’s get this show on the road.

I’ve been confused.

I’m a consultant for campaigns, creative, & code; however, in my experience, you probably believe that can’t exist. “Jack of all trades, master of none”, comes to mind. But what if I am a master of some, because I am. The truth is, this prejudice causes me

I have to pick something to define me beyond being an agency in one. So, because people

also a full-stack developer. Since 2001, I have created brands, collateral, campaigns, packaging, environment design, built content management frameworks in both PHP and Rails, built many robust, complicated web apps, dev’ed mobile apps, consulted front-end development, etc. See, when I had an agency, I could be an agency. Now that I’m an independent consultant, it’s hardest for me to figure out my message to you. Jack of all trades, master of some. But do you even believe me?

I’ve branded but that’s me. I brand Somewhere along the way, the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” became an unshakable truth. Frankly, you won’t believe me that I’m a full-stack developer

From 2001-2013, I spent lots of time designing some pretty cool brands, so yes I brand. (write about branding)

Although I’m confident, I’m also not. I fight to keep heart still struggle with gaining the strength to “put myself out there”. The world has enough voices, personalities and confident people, and I tend to shrink down when I see so much talent growing around.

I’ve been scared that I won’t live up to my agency

I am not an agency

I’ve been humbled.

Although I’m confident, I’m also not. Moving to North Carolina has been great, and the affects it has had on my family are imeasurable, but it’s also been humbling to become a small fish in a big pond. I am surrounded by brilliant minds, tons of talent, and confident people, quite frankly, it’s caused me to re-evaluate my place in the world.